Awesome Acorns

Oh nuts! 

So I went for a hike with one of my girl friends in the fall and we came across a mighty oak, and it got me thinking about acorns and all the things we can do with them.  Every now and then I need to get out of the city, enjoy the cool fall air and get back in touch with nature. Ah, so nice.

We are going hiking, because not only is hiking wonderful for you, (see how hiking can change your brain in this article here:

But also to forage for some nuts and possible apples or crab apples.

How can you eat acorns you ask? Well that is exactly what i was wondering this morning so I thought i would do some research on the topic and find out what i need to do to ‘cure’ them so they are edible, how i need to store them for future use and of course what new thing I can make from these lovely little nuts.

Well I found a wonderful article that not only shows how to get our little acorns ready for eating but also shares what you can do with the tannic acid as well! I do love things that use all parts!

In this article from Outdoorlife you will also find recipes for roasted acorns, acorn brittle and bread, and acorn cookies! MMM.. these sound delish.

I can’t wait to go hiking to get back in touch with nature and to forage a little so I can come back and make one of the wonderful recipes above.

So what is so wonderful about acorns and why would we want to forage for them?

Well they are a wonderful source of natural vitamins and minerals such as

The tannin’s in the acorns can be saved and used as an astringent for your skin. Use it to soothe burns, scratches and bites.

Acorns are high in fiber which improve digestion and gastric distress. Fiber keeps things moving along just like we need it too. We also know that adding nuts to your diet is a wonderful way to get some healthy protein that no one has to die for.

Yay nuts! Let’s go get some!


Ten Tips to help you avoid overeating.

  1. Ask yourself are you sure you are hungry?

Check in with your body and ask yourself how hungry am I or am I perhaps just thirsty?

We live in a time where we are chronically dehydrated. Water after all is the elixir of life. Sometimes a big glass of water is all you need to stave off the feeling of hunger and get you to your next meal.

Our bodies have natural cycles, so stop and take a listen. If you don’t feel like eating then don’t. Mind yourself tho. You need healthy food as it is the fuel that keeps you going. If you feel light headed or dizzy, this could be a sign of your bloodsugar dropping and you need to get yourself to eat. If you are feeling satisfied then drink some water or clear tea instead of going for that fat and sugar laden treat.  Your body will be thankful.

  1. Portion control.

Cup your hands together,that’s your portion size. This is approximately the size of your stomach. Be sure to only eat this amount in one sitting. If you want more when you are done, then by all means have more. It typically takes 15 minutes after eating to realize that we are full. So take a deep breath relax and ask yourself if you are still hungry.

  1. Before you eat, connect.

Take a breath, relax into yourself, be thankful and grateful that you have a wonderful meal to eat.

  1. Look at your food

Do this as you are connecting. Think of the time it took to grow, the farmers who have grown it Connect with your food. Appreciate where it comes from and the good it is going to do for your mind, body and spirit.

  1. Take time to enjoy what you are eating.

Being in tune about your choices will keep you from making poor food choices.

But by no means punish yourself by not eating what you truly crave when you crave it. So eat the fudge or the potato chips, just not all the time or often. Keep them as a treat.

  1. Eat in a pleasant setting.

Don’t rush the nourishing experience. Go ahead and live in the moment when you take the time to eat. Acknowledge that you are taking the time to nourish yourself. Go outside if you can, find a place with a view. Just take that time for yourself, you deserve it.

  1. Chew Chew Chew.

Not only does this aid in digestion, your body will also have the  time it needs to tell your brain that you are full.

  1. What flavors you are tasting?

Take the time to discern each flavor. Can you taste a little rosemary? Is it bitter? Sweet? Just what kind of food are you allowing into your mouth? Feel the texture. Feel blessed that you have such wonderful food to nourish you.

Try and figure out  the ingredients such as spices and herbs that were used. Could you introduce that flavor into other dishes? What other flavors would compliment what you are eating?

  1. Put your utensil down between bites.

This allows your body to keep up. Giving a rest in between bites helps digestion and absorbtion and you guessed it.. Helps with letting you know when you are actually full.

  1. Take a healthy snack.

It is always easy to reach for the fast, cheap and easy selections, so keep something healthy on hand for these cases. Dried fruit, nuts or veg are always good go to.

Eat healthy stay vibrant!

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