Cold Season

Flu or Cold. Sneezing Woman Sick Blowing NoseNot only is it cold outside, sometimes we catch it on the inside too! I don’t enjoy feeling stuffed up and fevery… so what are we to do when the nasty cold and flu bugs are flying around and we want to protect ourselves or heal ourselves from catching one of these nasty bugs?

First you should be washing your hands. Not with sanitizers but with old fashioned soap and water. Also be aware of touching your face and ears as this is how some bugs get into your body.

Preventative foods are super important. Boosting your immune system with echinacea and goldenseal root is a wonderful place to start at the beginning of the season. Did you know that some studies indicate that taking echinacea while you are sick can reduce sick time by half?

Oil of oregano is also wonderful to take if the people around you are sick. Although you don’t want to take too much of this as it can disrupt your good gut flora.

When you are full blown sick… plenty of rest and liquids is your best bet. You don’t want just any liquids tho.. you are going to want something to kick that nasty bugs butt!

Water is a must! You will need water to flush out your system and keep you hydrated.

Infusions (not to be mistaken for tea) with a little honey will keep you warm and hydrated, whle the honey will help with it’s antiseptic properties and if you have a sore throat.

Fresh squeezed juices are wonderful if you are feeling up to making them, or if you have someone who will make them for you. 😉

Having coconut water on hand is good as it contains essential electrolytes, and is another great source of hydration.

Tins of fruit like mandarins, peaches, applesauce and fruit salad.  These are all a good source of not only fluid, but vitamins and sugars.

Other things you may need when you’re sick are Tylenol or Advil to reduce fever, Vapor rub, vitamin C, Favorite blanket/ pillow, heating pad, flannel jammies, tissues, garbage can/bag, pre made soups that you have frozen previously and can take out and reheat as needed.

Remember, you are sick and no one else wants your sickness no matter how much they love you.

Take this time to be sick. Let it run it’s course and baby yourself back to your vibrant self accordingly.

Check our recipes page for our chicken soup, egg drop soup and elderberry syrup to keep you healthy this flu and cold season!


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