Vertical Gardening

garden-in-wall Vertical gardening is a wonderful way to make use of your space when growing veg.

If you have raised garden beds like I do for instance, you can utilize some vertical space by adding a short wall the the north side of your garden and growing some of your veg upwards on the south side. Peas, squash, beans can all be trained upwards along the wall or you can add pockets to the wall and grow some micro greens.

You of course can also grow other plants in your vertical garden as well and create absolutely beautiful works of art! I have seen some beautiful wall pieces that incorporate herbs, others with beautiful succulents. I am of course all about the food!

If you are planning on growing food vertically you will need to find a location that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight and you will need to be mindful of watering regularly as with any garden.

You can start your vertical gardens in containers or a raised bed or even directly into the ground. Using trellises and hanging containers you can add addition veg.

Utilizing your vertical space has many benefits including:

  • saving space, you can grow and harvest your veg in space that otherwise would be lost.
  • Easier harvest, veg is easier to reach when it’s ready to pick.
  • Air Circulation, around the plants provides ideal conditions for them to grow
  • Veg is off the ground, this prevents mold and soil borne disease as well as crawling insects.

Starting with your food supply is a great way to help you live more sustainably. Grow food in whatever space you have, whether it is a back yard,  or a patio with containers or vertical gardens or even a community plot is a great place to start! Starting a garden is a rewarding experience and you will be on your way to a more vibrant you!


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