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I grew up on a farm surrounded by fresh food, big gardens and wonderful cooks. At the age of 8 I was taught where our food comes from and how to nurture our gardens and fruit trees so they would produce beautiful vibrant food for our family.

At a very young age I would pester my mother to help her prepare meals in the kitchen. My first task was the gravy. My love for cooking, preparing and preserving food began there.

I believe that good healthy food starts in the ground with the soil. Nurture this and you will have glorious produce for you and your family. I also believe that eating as close to the earth is the best way to eat, the best way to treat your body.

Seeds and seed saving are natures way of producing more food. I love saving seeds,  I get giddy when I know I can save the seeds of what I am eating and grow more of them the next year! I think it is so amazing. I see it as if it is magic. One tiny fruit or vegetable turns into a whole plant with multitudes of fruit or veg to share… and more seeds = more love to share!

I believe that everyone should have access to vibrant food because I believe in getting healthy from the ground up. I believe that when you are getting healthy natural food, not only are you connected and concerned for our mother planet but you are also able to be a vibrant you.

I was so blessed to move to a small hobby farm with my family when I was 8 years old. Not only did we garden and raise animals, my father taught me to fish, forage, milk a goat and a lot of amazing skills that I want to share with you. These skills proved to be invaluable to me throughout the years and still are even now as I pass them on to my daughter and to you. I hope that you will find some value in my words and experiences and you will become the most vibrant version of you!

I think we should pool our resources, share our knowledge and recreate the beautiful bounty that mother nature provides us naturally. It is our give back to her and to all the children of the universe.

With Gratitude,

Vibrant Heather



Want to start gardening but are unsure where to begin?  Let me help you grow your own food and reconnect with nature at the same time.




What is Vibrant Food?

It is Food. Real Food. No processing. Whole foods, live food, local, organic. Real to goodness food! When you eat it you will feel vibrant too!  Real food doesn’t come with a label, it is the ingredients!




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